The New WSL Mid-Season Cut Is Coming Up

New WSL Mid-Season Cut - Photo From Bells Beach AU

In 2021 WSL introduced new changes to the Championship Tour format, including a mid-season cut for the men’s and women’s CT.  Change often brings excitement and opportunities, but not all surf fans have been happy about these significant changes, and some of the most discussed topics have been; The new final format and the Mid-Season cut.   The […]

Post-Surf Yoga Sequence To Relax your Muscles

Post-Surf Yoga Routine

restorative Yoga after surfing You probably landed here because your body and muscles feel tense and sore after a long day of surfing. Or maybe a previous injury has made you more conscious about your recovery process. Surfing is a demanding sport for our muscles, joints, and ligaments. Therefore we must allow our bodies to […]

Priority x Jetty: Epic Beach Cruiser For The Summer

Priority x Jetty beach cruiser bicycle

We love it when two brands from different backgrounds partner up and bring their competencies together to create something special. In this case, the two like-minded East Coast companies Jetty and Priority, have teamed up to create an epic beach cruiser for this summer! With Jetty’s knowledge of the surf industry and Priority’s skills in […]

Best surfskates for surfers: Complete 2022 List

Best Surfskates for surf training

There are a lot of surf skateboards on the market these days. So, how do you know which surfskate to buy? Fortunately, we’ve tested a bunch of different products this year to make the decision easy for you. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes our selections so good and who they are best suited […]

Pre-Surf Yoga Sequence To Activate Your Muscles

Simple Pre-Surf Yoga Routine

Pre-surf Yoga Surfing is an extreme sport that demands you to be physically and mentally fit. When surfing, we are dealing with mother nature which means a lot of uncontrollable variables. Adrenaline is pumping, and our muscles are working under a high level of exertion, all while we need to control our breathing. A great […]

How to remove old surfboard wax in 3 simple steps

Dewaxing surfboard - 3 Simple steps to remove surfboard wax

In a recent blog post, we taught you how to wax a brand new surfboard, so now it’s time to share our best tips and tricks for surf wax removal.  After a few months of surfing and applying new layers of surf wax, you will reach a point where the surf wax loses its tackiness, and […]

Surfing Tamarindo: A complete surf travel guide

Tamarindo beach Costa Rica surf guide

Contents surf in Tamarindo Tamarindo is one of the most visited surf towns in Costa Rica, known for its beautiful nature, consistent surf, and vibrant nightlife. Despite its party reputation, Tamarindo offers so much more, and that’s why the town attracts everyone from young backpackers to families. The perfect location in The Guanacaste province provides […]

Surfing Costa Rica: A complete surf travel guide

surfing costa rica - a surf travel guide

Contents Surf in Costa Rica Every year surfers flock to the Costa Rican beaches in search of perfect waves. Costa Rica has quickly become one of the top destinations for surf travel, and it is no wonder why! Costa Rica offers so much more than just surf. The country is absolutely stunning, packed with beautiful […]

Surfing Gifts For Him: 9 Epic Gift Idea For Surfers In 2022

surfing gifts for him - epic gift idea for surfers

Surfing gifts for him If you need help finding the perfect gifts for surfers, then you’ve landed in the right place. You might have a brother, husband, or friend that you want to surprise with an epic present on the occasion of Christmas, his birthday, or simply because you’re an awesome person. You are probably […]

The 8 Best Apple Watch Bands For Surfing

Best Apple Watch Bands For Surfing

Photo by Nomad Goods / Sean Raymond Collier Use your apple watch for surfing The surf watch industry used to be dominated by a few surf-specific brands, but during the last decade, we have seen a new opportunity arise after the launch of the Apple Watch. Many companies with a passion for surfing have tried […]