How to plan a surf trip: A step-by-step guide

How to plan a surf trip - Step by step guide

There comes a time in every surfer’s life when they say “Bugger it!” and book a trip to a dreamy surf destination somewhere far away. But unless you know how to plan a surf trip properly, you might not be taking full advantage of your time off. To ensure you don’t get skunked (surf slang […]

Stephanie Gilmore & Filipe Toledo claims 2022 WSL World Titles

Stephanie Gilmore & Filipe Toledo claims 2022 WSL World Titles

Photo by Thiago Diz – For WSL Looking back at The 2022 WSL Championship Tour 2022 has been an exciting season, with format changes, surprises, and excellent performances. As the mid-season cut got introduced, it became yet another season with changes to the world tour format that made the pressure on the athletes even bigger. […]

Breathing exercises for Surfing

breathing exercises for surfing

surf breathing exercises Breath training for surfers is a skill set that can help you overcome heavy wipeouts. It can also help you control your emotions and adrenaline to improve your overall surfing performance. Our breath is literally the pillar of our physical and mental well-being. Why it matters The average adult breathes in and […]

Surfing Cape Town: A local’s guide to surf spots in Cape Town

Surfing Cape Town

Cape Town, where the two oceans meet. Cape Town always has some sort of surf with two coastlines, two up-coastal stretches within a few hours striking distance, and a rugged and varied shoreline. Along with this, and due to the nature of the topography, there is always a bay that’s offshore. The only downside to […]

A Surfers’ Guide To Understanding Rip Currents

A Surfers' Guide To Understanding Rip Currents

An intrinsic element of every surfer’s knowledge set should be understanding rip currents. This is because they are both dangerous and convenient for a surfer. What Is A Rip Current? Essentially, a rip current or rip is a narrow current of water that rushes from the shoreline to deep water. It is a river that […]

Beach Flags & Beach Warning Signs You Should Know 

Beach Flags And Beach Warning Signals You Should Know

Beach Safety 101 The United States Lifesaving Association (USLA) has compiled a list of the most helpful safety tips for all beachgoers. Here and the basics to which they adhere: Learn to swim Swim with a friend When available, check with the lifeguards Always obey signs and flags Keep the beach and water clean Learn […]

What Are The Five Oceans Of The World?

As surfers, our world is all about the ocean. It all seems as one, though. Unless we’re frequently traveling, the ocean is usually the wave closest to our house. Otherwise, it might be the waves up and down the coast. The ocean comprises over 70% of the Earth’s surface, so it is divided into quadrants […]

The Importance of Surf Travel Insurance

The importance of surf travel insurance in 2022

There is nothing like traveling to a new destination and surfing a new spot for the first time. The connection with the ocean, the foreign culture, and the people you meet while traveling; make it the best experience! However, traveling and exploring new surf spots comes with a higher risk of injuries. It takes time […]

Shiseido x WSL limited edition sunscreen for a good cause

Shiseido x WSL limited edition sunscreen for a good cause

Shiseido x WSL Sunscreen for surfers The new wave of sunscreen is here! The popular sunscreen and skincare brand Shiseido just introduced two of their best-selling products for surfers, in a limited edition packaging design in partnership with the World Surf League (WSL). As part of a long-term sustainability commitment, Shiseido will donate a portion […]

The 11 Best Surf Watches in 2022

best surf watches

What to look for in a good surf watch? If you have read our surf watch buyer’s guide, you would know that the best surf watches have various functions, apart from telling the time. Most of them have preloaded locations and surf spots from all over the world. Some of these watches have over five […]