Stephanie Gilmore & Filipe Toledo claims 2022 WSL World Titles

Stephanie Gilmore & Filipe Toledo claims 2022 WSL World Titles

Photo by Thiago Diz – For WSL Looking back at The 2022 WSL Championship Tour 2022 has been an exciting season, with format changes, surprises, and excellent performances. As the mid-season cut got introduced, it became yet another season with changes to the world tour format that made the pressure on the athletes even bigger. […]

Shiseido x WSL limited edition sunscreen for a good cause

Shiseido x WSL limited edition sunscreen for a good cause

Shiseido x WSL Sunscreen for surfers The new wave of sunscreen is here! The popular sunscreen and skincare brand Shiseido just introduced two of their best-selling products for surfers, in a limited edition packaging design in partnership with the World Surf League (WSL). As part of a long-term sustainability commitment, Shiseido will donate a portion […]

The New WSL Mid-Season Cut Is Coming Up

New WSL Mid-Season Cut - Photo From Bells Beach AU

In 2021 WSL introduced new changes to the Championship Tour format, including a mid-season cut for the men’s and women’s CT.  Change often brings excitement and opportunities, but not all surf fans have been happy about these significant changes, and some of the most discussed topics have been; The new final format and the Mid-Season cut.   The […]

Kelly Slater Makes History At 2022 Billabong Pro Pipeline

Kelly Slater Wins Billabong Pipeline Pro 2022

Kelly Slater after winning his 8th Pipline Title Photo by Brady Lawrence / World Surf League What a weekend and event we witnessed at The 2022 Billabong Pro Pipeline. A special moment for any surf fan where we got to see Kelly Slater dominate the decider in the season-opening WSL event. The Pipe Pro 2022 […]

Surfer Profile: Jeremy Flores Has The Warrior Spirit

Jeremy Flores - HOSSEGOR, FRANCE - 2019 Quiksilver Pro France champion

Photo By: Laurent Masurel / WSL It wouldn’t be that often that we would profile a pro surfer who has retired, but Jeremy Flores is such a surfer who deserves so much more coverage than he gets. Wild Child While Jeremy will always be known as that French child surfing prodigy from Reunion Island, he […]

Italo Ferreira’s Intense Workout Routine

Italo Ferreira Training Workout Routine

(Photo by Thiago Diz / World Surf League) Once upon a time, very long ago, it was considered that going surfing was the ideal training for surfing, and the more you surfed, the better trained you were. That worked for a while until surfing started getting more valuable, and surfers who had their eyes on […]

Alaïa Bay in Switzerland Announces Surf Contest With $75K Prize Reward

Alaïa Open Winter Cup 2021 - Alaia Bay Wave Pool Surf Competition

Alaïa Open – New surf contest! Earlier this year, Switzerland got its first wave pool – Alaïa Bay. A place where beginners can get their first surf experience and professionals can come to train. The Swiss national team is using the facilities for training and several pro surfers such as; Jeremy Flores and Ezekiel Lau […]

Gabriel Medina & Carissa Moore: The 2021 World Champions

Gabriel Medina and Carissa Moore: The 2021 (WSL) World Champions of surfing

Photos by: World Surf League The 2021 WSL Championship Tour 2021 has been an exciting season, where we finally got reunited with The Championship Tour after a whole year without professional surfing due to COVID-19. Despite the uncertainty of COVID-19 and its many restrictions the athletes seem to have embraced the time off as many […]

The history of professional surfing and complete list of world champions

The complete list of surfing world champions

The complete list of surfing world champions This list only includes; the winners of the World Championship Tour (CT). A history of surf champions Professional surfing has taken place for 57 years, and through half a century, it has gone through a lot of change. The evolution of the sport is incredible, and so are the […]

Italo Ferreira & Carissa Moore Becomes The First Surfers In History To Win Olympic Gold

Olympic surfing - Italo Ferreira wins gold at Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 in Japan

Photo by: International Surfing Association Surfing made its Olympic debut The art of riding waves can be traced back to ancient Polynesians living in Hawaii and Tahiti. Surfing was popularised by Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku; a swimmer who won three Olympic gold medals for the United States. Considered ‘the father of modern surfing’ he planted the […]