The history of professional surfing and complete list of world champions

The complete list of surfing world champions

The complete list of surfing world champions This list only includes; the winners of the World Championship Tour (CT). A history of surf champions Professional surfing has taken place for 57 years, and through half a century, it has gone through a lot of change. The evolution of the sport is incredible, and so are the […]

Italo Ferreira & Carissa Moore Becomes The First Surfers In History To Win Olympic Gold

Olympic surfing - Italo Ferreira wins gold at Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 in Japan

Photo by: International Surfing Association Surfing made its Olympic debut The art of riding waves can be traced back to ancient Polynesians living in Hawaii and Tahiti. Surfing was popularised by Hawaii’s Duke Kahanamoku; a swimmer who won three Olympic gold medals for the United States. Considered ‘the father of modern surfing’ he planted the […]

How The WSL Championship Tour Format Has Changed in 2021

How the WSL Championship Tour format has changed in 2021

Photo by Hugo Teles After a season without the championship tour in 2020, due to Covid-19, WSL introduced some big changes to the format when the 2021 Men’s- and Women’s Championship Tour was announced. If you’re not familiar with all the changes, this article will get you up-to-date and cover some of the pros and […]

How wave pool technology is revolutionizing surfing

wave pool technology in surfing

Table of Contents Wave pool manufacturers To say that wave pools have improved in leaps and bounds would be the understatement of the year. The rate of technological improvements, the rate of new builds, the forecast of what waves are to come – there is so much happening out there it’s just unbelievable.  The 4 […]