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Usually considered hardcore, surf camps these days have become quite well catered for and less hardcore. You see brands like Lapoint among others, who have made surf camps a place for all levels, from beginners to advanced surfers. Their camps can be found in popular destinations across the world and are well equipped, making it a great in-between option for surf hostels and surf hotels. So times have changed and you will find awesome surf camps in most popular travel destinations, providing top-class facilities and the foundation for a good social travel experience.

Surf camp destinations

North America

We have gathered a selection of unique surf camps in North America
Pata Sudaka
Hawaii, US
$ 2
Barefoot surf camp Nosara Costa Rica
Barefoot Surf Travel
Nosara, Costa Rica
$ 2680 /week
Barefoot surf camp San Juan del Sur Nicaragua
Barefoot Surf Travel
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
$ 2400 /week

South America

We have gathered a selection of unique surf camps in South America
WB Surf Camp Chicama Peru
WB Surf Camp
Chicama, Peru
$ 3495 /week
pata sudaka surf camp ecuador
Pata Sudaka Surf Trips
$ 1950 /10 days
bahia surf camp Brazil
Bahia Surf Camp
Bahia, Brazil
$ 1950 /week


We have gathered a selection of unique surf camps in Europe
Billabong Surf Camp
Corralejo, Fuerteventura
390 /week
lapoint surf camp Ericeira Portugal
Ericeira, Portugal
$ 648 /week
Alentejo, Portugal
597 /week


We have gathered a selection of unique surf camps in Africa
waterways travel surf camp jeffreys bay south africa
Waterways Surf Travel
Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa
$ 760 /week
madagascar surf resort surf camp
Madagascar Surf Camp Resort
$ 525 /week
lapoint surf camp Taghazout, Morocco
Taghazout, Morocco
650 /week


We have gathered a selection of unique surf camps in Asia
lapoint surf camp ahangama sri lanka
Ahangama, Sri Lanka
682 /week
lapoint surf camp canggu bali
Canggu, Bali
577 /week
Barefoot surf travel camp Canggu bali
Barefoot Surf Travel
Nusa Lembongan & Bali
$ 2900 / 10 days


We have gathered a selection of unique surf camps in Australia
surfcamp australia
Surf Camp Australia
Sydney - Gerroa - Byron Bay
$ 895 /week
australian surf tours
Australian Surf Tours
Wollongong or Batemans Bay, Australia
$ 999 /week
mojo surf camp byron bay australia
Mojo Surf
Byron Bay, Australia
$ 855 /week

A true surf camp experience

Surf camps nowadays are more geared toward glamping than hardcore camping, but some of the locations can still be pretty rough. The surf camps at G-Land in Indonesia, for example, might provide wifi and cold beer. Still, they are nonetheless on the edge of Java’s jungles, and these jungles will always have wild creatures therein and most of the amazing reef breaks are only suitable for advanced surfers.

The surf camps in the Maldives, on the other hand, are incredibly luxurious, with modern facilities and sumptuous accommodation and dining options. These surf camps are expensive, though, as you pay for your luxury.

The surf camps in the Mentawai Islands, sitting 100 km west of Sumatra’s mainland in Indonesia, are plentiful these days. Every tiny island has some sort of resident camp on it. These camps are all about surfing excellent waves. There is very little else to do, and not much in the way of entertainment or diversion of the waves aren’t firing. They are the real deal for a surf camp based on getting the best barrels of your life, but you need to be aware of unforeseen things that can happen in these remote locations and good travel insurance is a necessity. 

It is always a good idea to take a few luxuries when going to a surf camp. Sometimes, they run low on supplies and can get cut off for a few days if there is storm activity around. Maybe it’s a bottle of good whiskey, or perhaps it’s just a few packets of sweets and chocolates. What might seem trivial on the mainland could turn into gold at a surf camp. If you’re not sure, the default is to take something extra just in case.

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Popular surf camp brands

Lapoint is a brand built around beautiful surf camps. With 9 Surf camps and 4 Kite surfing camps, they are well represented around the world.

Barefoot is a brand that strive to create surf trips, that