About us

Surfers Hype is an online magazine/blog, founded in 2020, evolving around the sport of surfing. We are on a mission to spread awareness and hype around the sport we love and hope we can inspire more people to try out surfing.

Who We Are and What We Stand for

Through our content, we try to answer general questions and educate the newcomers of surfing, on general topics like; gear, training, surf techniques, etc.

We also desire to bring value to the surf community by creating unique content that will be both helpful and entertaining for the more experienced surfers. There will be everything from; updates on the Championship Tour (WSL), content about the latest technology and what direction the sport is evolving in, and travel guides for the best surf destinations around the world.

We strive to provide educative content in an entertaining and easy-to-digest format. All of the content stems from our curiosity to learn new things, a high creative drive, and most of all, a passion for surfing.

Community is everything!

Our goal is to have a strong voice in the surf community and be a top-of-mind surf blog. If you have any ideas or inputs regarding our content and how we can keep improving, then we would love to hear from you.

We are present on several social media platforms, and we would be stoked if you stopped by!