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There are so many surf hostels worldwide, and they can be the best stop for a travelling surfer. The thing about surf hostels is that they are filled with like-minded people, surfers coming or going, and so much to glean.  

Surf hostel destinations

North America

We have gathered a selection of unique surf hostels in North America
Puerto Escondido, Mexico
35 /night
Playa Venao, Panama
36 /night
Santa Teresa North, Costa Rica
16 /night

South America

We have gathered a selection of unique surf hostels in South America
Montañita, Ecuador
12 /night
Mancora, Preu
39 /night
Florianópolis, Brazil
15 /night


We have gathered a selection of unique surf hostels in Europe
Aktion Surf Hostel
Ericeira, Portugal
21 /night
San Sebastián, Spain
31 /night
Peniche, Portugal
35 /night


We have gathered a selection of unique surf hostels in Africa
Dar Surf
Taghazout, Morocco
$ 12 /night
Hostel Saltycrax Backpackers and Surf Hostel Bloubergstrand, South Africa
Hostel Saltycrax Surf Hostel
Bloubergstrand, South Africa
18 /night
Essaouira Beach Hostel
Essaouira, Morocco
12 /night


We have gathered a selection of unique surf hostels in Asia
Hostel Surfing Wombats
Weligama, Sri Lanka
11 /night
Hostel Margarita Surf Hostel
Canggu, Bali, Indonesia
$ 6
Bamba Capsule surf Hostel Lombok Indonesia
Bamba Capsule Hostel
Lombok, Indonesia
13 /night


We have gathered a selection of unique surf hostels in Australia
Wake Up! Bondi Beach
Sydney, Australia
27 /night
Hostel Coolangatta YHA Backpackers
Gold Coast, Australia
18 /night
Wake Up! Byron Bay
Byron Bay, Australia
23 /night

Staying at surf hostels around the world

Surf hostels usually have a system to provide quick and easy cash work for surfers en route to somewhere, to slightly fill up the coffers. Surf hostels also double up as informal trading posts, where surfboards, wetsuits, and information are traded on the open market between surfers. Surf hostels also provide opportunities for surfers to join parties heading in the same direction and for friendships to be forged.   

Australia, Latin America, and Southeast Asia have the best reputation for functional surf hostels. Still, Portugal is another emerging surf nation with an incredibly deep system of surf hostels, with many of them working together and with shared transport going between them. Surf hostels also work as an excellent place to stash extra gear if you plan on a strike mission to follow some nearby swell action and don’t need all your luggage. Surf hostels are also places where, in certain situations, romance can be found, as there are surfer girls and guys under the same roof. 

The surf hostels in Chile offer much in the way of knowledge. The hostel owners are very well-versed on the surf breaks up and down the coast, access to certain areas, and the nearest and best surf hostels in that area. They do not offer any sort of work options, though. 

The surf hostels in South Africa are totally based around surfing excellent waves. It is one of those destinations that you are guaranteed to be surfing to the point of exhaustion on most days through the surf seasons. 

You may also wanna check out hostel brands like Selina, who has a strong surf DNA and are present throughout most of Latin America and Portugal.

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SELINA surf hostels

Selina is a hostel brand with large selection of location through Latin america, P

Wake Up! Australia

Wake Up!