The Best Surfboard Leashes On The Market In 2024

Last updated on: January 14, 2024
best surfboard leashes on the market

There are many types of surfboard leashes globally, but some are incredibly better and superior to others. Some have extra safety features, while others are super light and strong and designed for minimal drag for the competitive surfer. However, you are looking for a durable and robust leash with minimal drag but plenty of strength for the average punter.

Our Favorite surfboard Leash

When it comes to choosing a day-to-day favorite leash, it is a tough one, as the top leashes are all similarly priced, with similar features. However, we really like the FCS Freedom leash, as it is streamlined and straightforward, with no extra bits and pieces. It also has nylon yarn over the polyurethane cord, making it stronger and with less weight and drag.

Of course, there are other incredible leashes on the market, including some great big wave leashes. Still, for everyday surfing, you can’t go wrong with FCS Freedom All-Around leash.

The Different Types Of Surfboard Leashes

There are as many surfboard leashes as there are disciplines of surfing or wave riding. A quick pick will show you leashes for surfing tiny waves; medium waves are for surfing big waves.

The big wave leash territory is technical and complex, including safety quick release pins and more.

The bodyboarding fraternity has leashes that are coiled and wrap around their arms to prevent drag. Similarly, SUP surfers have bigger, chunkier leashes designed to attach around your calf, below the knee.

Longboarders choose longer leashes so that they don’t get a longboard rebounding into their faces. These days some surfers choose, unwisely, we might add, to surf without a leash.

How To Pick The Right Surf Leash

The selection of a surfboard leash is governed by two factors: the type and size of the surfboard you are riding and the type of waves you will ride.

There are many different leash lengths to choose from, ranging from 4′ for a child’s board to a solid 12′ for your longest longboard or SUP. The length of a leash will depend on the height of your board and your skill level. A surfboard leash should be slightly longer than the board it will be used on. This means that you should not use the same leash on a shortboard as a longboard and vice versa.

Length is critical: a leash that is too thick or long will add unnecessary drag in the water and slow you down. On the other hand, a too short leash is more likely to see the board rebound and hit you after the leash is fully stretched.

The Best Surfboard Leashes On The Market

There are very good, technical, and safe leashes available today. Our top pick would be the FCS Freedom All-Around Leash.

Our list of top 5 leashes available:

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