The Best Surfboards For Beginners In 2024

Last updated on: January 14, 2024
best surfboards for beginners

We all want to be good surfers, to be able to surf with confidence and competence. To get there, however, we first need to go through the learning process. This can take a while, as the learning curve for surfing is very steep at first. Still, there are some tricks and tips to accelerate your learning process, all based on beginner surfboards.

Beginner Surfboards and sizes

When choosing a beginner surfboard, one must remember that the purpose of that board is to enable you to get to your feet as easily and as efficiently as possible. So, the best beginner surfboards are those boards that will allow you to catch waves easily. If you’re not catching waves, you’re not surfing. There are so many types of surfboards and it’s important to understand the purpose and skill level for each type.

Therefore, the best surfboard to learn on is a longboard, over 9 foot in length, for you to catch waves with ease. There are several theories behind the concept of the best seize surfboard for beginners, but for an adult, a board around 9 foot will help with catching waves with ease. 

This might prove to be too long for a child, but a general length of 3 foot taller than your height would be a good starting point for the size of a good surfboard for beginners. 

The next important element in the best beginner surfboards is the volume of that surfboard. Volume is measured in liters, and anything above 50 liters is an excellent place to begin. There is nothing wrong with getting a solid second-hand surfboard to get going, as they would be cheap surfboards for beginners and get you up and riding.

PU- or Foam surfboards for beginners

These days, there is also a growing trend in foam surfboards for beginners. These boards have started infiltrating the general line-ups and the beginner-style beach breaks. These boards have soft tops and a hard veneer underneath and are ideal for learning to surf on. In addition, there is way less chance of an injury on a foam surfboard, and for beginners, this is one of the elements that surfers need to be aware of. Surfboards can hurt, and a foam surfboard for beginners eliminates much of this worry – which is why you will find them at any surf school or surf camp for beginners.

Soft tops are a mean to an end, though, and what they make up for in ease of use and stability, they lack in performance. Being so light and soft, they do not possess much drive or turning characteristics and are a step in learning how to surf. As soon as a surfer feels strong and confident enough to catch waves unaided on a soft-top and ride through to the shorebreak, it is possibly time to drop the soft-top and get going on a regular PU- (polyurethane) surfboard.

6 Best Soft-top Surfboards for Beginners

Most surfers in the US are probably familiar with The Wavestorm. Wavestorm makes epic soft-top surfboards for beginners that offer good value for money. That’s why you will see them at all the mellow surf spots along the Californian coastline.

the blank series surfboards by catch surf

The Blank Series funboards consist of several well-balanced and high-volume soft-tops, ideal for beginners. The 8’0 model comes in with over 80 liters of volume and is easy to catch waves on.

The Roller from their original series is one of their most popular models and the perfect surfboard to learn on. The hand-shaped funboard offers good value for money and high quality. The Roller is a favorite among surf camps and surf schools since it’s very stable and easy to ride. With this surfboard, you will catch your first waves with ease. The Roller comes in a variety of colorways and lengths to fit surfers by any age, and the boards provide plenty of volume.

The Odysea Log surfboard by catch surf

The Odysea Log Model also comes in many lengths, and the 8’0 board has over 80 liters of volume and is easy to catch waves on. It has a classic look and has enough performance elements to suit beginners and surfers who just want to catch a few fun waves.

Decathlon is a sports department store with a vast selection of gear for surfing and other types of water sports.

The Olaian 500 School model; is an 8″ Foam Surfboard that comes with a Leash and 3 Fins. For only $250, you will be ready to start your surf journey with this high-quality surfboard for beginners.

We love the Olaian 900 model from Decathlon and so do their customers, as it is their current bestseller. It has a cool design and gives you good value for money.

The Olaian 900; is a 7″ Foam surfboard with plenty of volume and a good grip. It is shaped similar to a shortboard rather than a longboard which makes it easier to do your first turns and maneuvers.

It is a surfboard suitable for those who already have had their first sessions with a surf school and know the basics.

Where to find cheap surfboards for beginners?

There are several ways to find cheap surfboards for beginners, if you don’t want to spend to money on a brand new surfboard. Soft top surfboards are very hard to damage, so they tend to last for many years, therefore you can easily save a few bucks by searching for a secondhand board.

  • Online. There are second-hand surfboard pages on Facebook, and there are lists on sites such as craigslist and more. A quick search for ‘buy second-hand surfboards online’ will reveal all.


  • Surf shops. Most surf shops have a used surfboard section, and you can generally find some bargains there.


  • Surf schools. Most surf schools have boards for sale as they go through so many boards while teaching people to surf. 
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