Surfboard Volume Calculator

We’ve made a surfboard volumen calculator based on guidelines from some of the top brands. This will hopefully make the process of choosing your first more transperant and straight forward.  Give it a try!  Surfboard volume calculator – By Surfers Hype Surfboard Volume Calculator Weight (lbs) 80 lbs85 lbs90 lbs95 lbs100 lbs105 lbs110 lbs115 lbs120 […]

SURFATOM Product review by Surfes Hype

SURFATOM product review by Surfers Hype

Image from In my research of a better surf training routine, I recently came across a product called; SURFATOM. Little did I know about the company and its one-product lineup, so I decided to reach out to them to form a better understanding of their product and its approach to surf training. Disclaimer: The […]

How to stay fit for surfing (when there are no waves)

How to stay fit for surfing (when there are no waves)

While you don’t need to be crossfit buff or gymnast flexible in order to surf, it definitely becomes easier when you’re fit. But this begs the question: how exactly do you stay fit for surfing if there are no waves or you don’t live near an ocean? The answer is surf training. Professional surfers know […]

Breathing exercises for Surfing

breathing exercises for surfing

surf breathing exercises Breath training for surfers is a skill set that can help you overcome heavy wipeouts. It can also help you control your emotions and adrenaline to improve your overall surfing performance. Our breath is literally the pillar of our physical and mental well-being. Why it matters The average adult breathes in and […]

Regular vs goofy foot surfing: Which surf stance are you?

regular vs goofy foot stance in surfing

You have probably heard the terms “regular foot” and “goofy foot” used in different board sports, including surfing. We use these terms to describe the two different stances, where your either have your left foot forward or your right foot forward on the board. There is no “right” or “wrong” stance in surfing. It all […]

Seven Unique Ways To Quickly Improve Your Surfing Skills

Seven Unique Ways To Quickly Improve Your Surfing Skills

improve your surfing We present seven steps to fast-track your surfing skills. Most people just tell you to surf more, work on your fitness, and surf some more. The ‘surf more to improve approach’ does work, but there are several alternative methods to jump-start your surfing performance. Some of them don’t even involve surfing.  1. […]

How to prepare for bigger waves

Big wave surfing is not for beginners. But how do we get there? A big board, a mental commitment and a careful analysis of what your heart is telling you will get you into some big waves. This is a quick guide into stepping out of your comfort zone. There are very few big wave […]