Alaïa Bay in Switzerland Announces Surf Contest With $75K Prize Reward

Last updated on: March 4, 2022
Alaïa Open Winter Cup 2021 - Alaia Bay Wave Pool Surf Competition

Alaïa Open - New surf contest!

Earlier this year, Switzerland got its first wave pool – Alaïa Bay. A place where beginners can get their first surf experience and professionals can come to train. The Swiss national team is using the facilities for training and several pro surfers such as; Jeremy Flores and Ezekiel Lau have already made it to Alaïa Bay to try out the new wave pool.

Ezekiel Lau at Alaïa Bay Wave Pool

The Ultimate Surfer – Ezekiel Lau, doing what he does best at Alaïa Bay!

First Swiss surf competition

Alaïa Bay has been innovative since day one and now they’re taking the abilities of their wave pool to the next level as they are creating the first Swiss international surf competition in partnership with The Swiss Surfing Association – quite groundbreaking for a country without any shoreline.

Total Prize Value of US $75K at Alaïa Open

The surf competition will be called The Alaïa Open Winter Cup. There will be an astonishing $75K prize reward and the event will take place on the 4th & 5th December this year.

It will be a huge opportunity for young European surfers with the ambition of becoming professional! In fact, we might even see some of the best high profile surfers sign-up for this unique opportunity and expereince. 

The event is supported by industry-leading brands such as Swiss watch brand Tudor, Quiksilver and Boardriders, Mastercraft, and Wavegarden. The contest director of the event is the Swiss-born surfer and Swiss Surfing Association’s Event & Competition’s leader, Dario Müller.

Alaïa Bay’s goal is to become a well-known brand in the industry and ‘The Place to Be’ each December when Alaïa Open takes place. The team behind the event promise plenty of surprises for competitors and spectators in terms of competition and entertainment. There will be a special air show and fun prizes, such as the surfer with the most impressive wipeout.

As for entertainment, Alaïa Bay’s founder hints a guest appearance from a specially chosen international DJ… but further information will remain a secret for now.

The divisions for the event are:

  • International Men
  • International Women
  • Swiss Men
  •  Swiss Women
  • Junior Men 
  • Junior Women
  • Kids

The prize money breakdown between the divisions and winners will be revealed soon – so make sure to keep an eye on their website!

"We're very excited about the upcoming Alaïa Open.
My wish is for everyone to come to this event and have fun. The surfing will be high performance, and the Surfers Evening will be a great place to network and to meet like-minded people"

How to enter Alaïa Open Winter Cup

It will only cost you 199 Frs, to enter the tournament (which is cheaper than a regular surf session at the wave pool).

So go ahead and secure your spot at the Alaïa Open Winter Cup 2021!

Follow the link below to read more about the event and sign-up for Alaïa Open 2021.

We can’t wait to watch this event and we are stoked about the way Alaïa Bay are revolutionizing the European surf scene!

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