Daniela Boldini reflects on her Surf Trip to the Mentawais

Last updated on: November 18, 2022
Daniela Boldini's surf trip to Mentawai islands

Blue Banana’s Adrenaline Crew surfer Daniela Boldini presents the video of her first surf trip to the Mentawai Islands, a true paradise of dreamy waves.

Barcelona, November 15th, 2022. The Mentawai Islands are at the top of the must-go surf destinations for passionate surfers.

Some of the best waves the Indian Ocean has to be found in front of this Indonesian volcanic archipelago, which makes it a true magnet for surfers from all over the world who travel on strike-missions to its shores, in search of dreamy pipes.

After reading every Mentawai article in magazines / surf blogs, seeing all the videos, and hearing so much about this surfers’ paradise from other friends, the Canarian surfer Daniela Boldini really wanted to visit the Mentawais.

Last summer, as a welcome project to the Blue Banana’s Adrenaline Crew, the 19-year-old surfer got the opportunity to make her dream come true by exploring to this surf mecca on a surf trip of a lifetime. 

“This trip has really made a mark on me personally and athletically. It has taken me out of my comfort zone both in and out of the water, causing my head to click with the vision I had of surfing.”

Surf video from the Mentawai's

The surf trip has been immortalized in Mentawai Dreams, a video of Blue Banana Studios by Twin Films, the production company owned by the brothers Javi and Jose Postigo. In the film, we can see how Boldini faces a reality check by experiencing first-hand the harshness of these Indonesian waves, but also how that challenge helped her push through another barrier in her progression as an athlete and change her vision of surfing.

Who is Daniela Boldini

I am a 19-year-old girl from beautiful Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands.

I started surfing and skating when I was 7 years old, and since then I discovered my passion and need to be connected with the sea and travel.

I am inspired by an adventurous lifestyle through sports, I strongly believe in the importance of encouraging and motivating people to enjoy sports accompanied by adventures and a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, I currently compete at the European surfing level and I have obtained different results at the international and national levels. In 2019 I was selected by the Spanish Surfing Federation to compete in the California World Cup.

Daniela Boldini - surfer
Daniela Boldini - canarian surfer in Mentawai islands

Daniela's surf trip to Mentawai

What I would highlight the most about the trip is the importance of valuing each moment and taking advantage of the opportunities that appear, and above all being grateful for all the people and magical moments that we meet along the way.

The trip to Mentawaii has meant a before and after both on an athlete level and a personal level. It has completely taken me out of my comfort zone and has exposed me to very different sensations in and out of the water, which I never want to forget.

Something has changed

My head clicked with the vision I had of surfing and it has motivated me to what I want to work on and develop from here on out.

And this inner change is already delivering results. Just after my trip to Indo, I achieved my best result of the season with a victory in Gijón, in an event part of the Spanish national league.

This victory lifted me to the Top 5 with still three events remaining in 2022, all of them in the Canary Islands, to which I arrive with complete confidence in myself.

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