8 fun high-performance softboards for surfers

Last updated on: February 1, 2023
8 fun Soft-Top Surfboards for all skill levels & wave conditions

JJF by Pyzel - funformance surfboards

JJF by Pyzel Surfboards have a couple of great beginner ‘Funformance’ surfboards, all with soft EVA top layers. Constructed with an eco-fibreglass/epoxy construction, they have enough drive and performance to get you up and riding as well as having fun during the learning process. Designed by John Pyzel and John John Florence, these boards are great surfboards for beginners. 

The Gremlin Surfboard is a high performance softboard aimed at younger surfers transitioning from absolute beginner to a surfer who can catch a wave and ride a surfboard unassisted. Pyzel and John John Florence, these boards are great surfboards for beginners. 

The Log Surfboard is an excellent performance softboards for anyone to have fun on more mellow days at the beach when the waves aren’t serious. The dimensions and volume of “the log” makes it a popular beginner surfboard.

The Astrofish Surfboard is a loose performance softboard for those easy beach days and is suitable for anyone.

MEDINA softboards

Medina Softboards, is a new and wildly popular brand by Gabrial Medina, a professional surfer and the leader of the men’s championship tour (2021).

As for now, the hyped surfboards are only available for customers in Brazil through their own website. However, the surfboards can be found at different retailers. If you are based in France, Portugal, Spain, or Italy – then you can find the Medina Softboards at softboardcenter.com

The Medina range has a constantly changing quiver of boards and some very unique designs. One of the most popular soft top surfboards in the Medina range is the Serena 7’0. It has plenty of volume and is ideal for beginner surfers, who don’t want a full-length longboard.

Catch Surf - Softboards

Probably some of the most well-known soft-top surfboards, mainly due to Jamie O’Brien using them continuously in his Youtube vlog, Catch Surf have several excellent beginner soft-top models.
Catch Surf has an extensive quiver; from beginner boards to more high-performance soft-tops, there is something for everyone.

The Beater model is a soft-top that is halfway between a bodyboard and a regular surfboard. It is ideal for kids finished with bodyboarding and want to go the next step and start standing up.

the blank series surfboards by catch surf

The Blank Series funboards consist of several well-balanced and high-volume soft top surfboard, ideal for beginners. The 8’0 model comes in with over 80 liters of volume and is easy to catch waves on.

Mick Fanning Performance Softboards

Mick Fanning Softboards, are also very popular, and there are models for all beginners. For example, the MF Beastie or the MF Super Soft. All the models look very sleek, with beautiful colors and a clean design. 

Beginners will find a good quiver in the ‘good times range’ category. Mick Fanning is a former professional surfer and 3-times World Champion, the boards are produced to fit Mick’s personal specifications hence the high quality of these premium softboards.

The MF Beastie soft top surfboard

The MF Beastie model has a wider tail area for some extra lift, and will get any beginner surfer up and riding with ease. The MF beastie is often called ‘the ultimate fun board’ and the volume is really well distributed for the shape of the board. This surfboard will not only be a good option when starting out, but it’s also the perfect choice for those looking to progress their surfing to the next level.

Softech Performance Softboards

Another excellent range of performance softboards from the brand Softech, with endorsements from some of the best surfers in the world and to be found at many surf schools around the world.

The Filipe Toledo Wildfire surfboard by softech

The wildfire model is designed in collaboration with professional surfer, Filipe Toledo. The Wildfire is a little bit more performance orientated for a soft-top starter. Still, anyone can ride it, and it comes in a couple of different length models.

The Filipe Toledo Wildfire will be the perfect next step after learning the basics on the Roller model.

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