Surf Van Road Trip in Spain: From North To South

Last updated on: January 23, 2023
surf van roadtrip spain

Van Surfari in Spain

Getting lost on the sunny roads, waking up with the sound of the waves, or feeling closer to nature, are just a few reasons why van travelling is getting more and more popular around Spain, and it’s the perfect way to explore the incredible coastline of this country. Along with Portugal and France, Spain is one of the best surf destinations in Europe, and through this guide, we will show you why.

Cádiz, the sunny South:

The South of Spain is well known for its sunny beaches, warm weather, and friendly local people. If you are going on a surf trip, we recommend you to go from October to May, as the temperatures are mild and the swell is more consistent. During the summer, the beaches of Andalusia fill up with people on holidays, the sun is quite strong, and rarely there are any waves. But during winter everything changes, the beaches get quieter and the area starts filling with surfers looking for waves.

Andalusia is a wide region in the South of Spain, with many interesting cities worth visiting, such as Sevilla, Málaga, and Granada. Andalusia also offers endless beaches and beautiful landscapes. If you are looking for waves, Cádiz is the place to be. This province offers the best surf spots in the South of Spain, and it’s also the mecca of kitesurfing.

surf camper van trip spain

Our Southern Spain Van Trip Itinerary:

1. Cádiz

Cádiz is the capital of the province and it’s a picturesque city full of color and life. It has an important harbor and plenty of bars and restaurants where you can taste the fresh seafood. The best part? It is a great place to start your trip, as you can breathe the Spanish culture in every corner. The beaches in the city are not the best, but they often have waves, so they are worth checking out if you can’t wait to ride your surfboard.

2. El Palmar

This beautiful surfing- and laid-back beach town is more a road than an actual town, as it stretches along the coast for a few kilometers. The surfer atmosphere pops up when the big swells make the waves barrel. The good thing? As it’s a long beach stretch, there are many different surf breaks, so it’s easy to find your own spot and escape the crowd. There are also a few surf shops and schools around in case you forget your leash at home!

El Palmar sunset - surf van trip

3. Playa de Bolonia

 If you are looking for a place to disconnect, Bolonia is the place to be. Surrounded by nature, this beach is well known for its beautiful dunes. It is the perfect spot for a quiet siesta at the beach, where nobody will disturb you. You could even decide to spend a night in these peaceful surroundings.

Playa de Bolonia surf van trip

4. Tarifa

It’s worldwide known for its wind, that’s why it is one of the best spots for kitesurfing, however, when the wind decreases you can find quality waves in Tarifa, usually during the winter season.

The village is so beautiful and worth a visit. It is composed of tiny white houses surrounded by a medieval wall, and on the horizon, you can spot the African mountains on clear days, as Morocco is only a few kilometers apart.

Tarifa kitesurfing - surf van trip

Galicia, the end of the world:

Galicia is a region of Spain located in the North West of the country, it is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and connects with Portugal in the South. It’s probably the most unknown and less explored region of the country yet the most astonishing, making it a unique place for a van trip.

The best? Galicia sums up over 700 beaches for all tastes, The worst? As it’s located in the North, it’s not as warm and sunny as the rest of Spain, and rain is quite common during the winter making the landscapes beautifully green, so the best time to explore the region is during the summer when days are longer and warmer.

Our Galician Van Trip Itinerary:

1. Coruña

The starting point for this surf trip is the city of Coruña, located by the ocean, where you can prepare for the trip, have some tapas, and try the delicious seafood of the area. The main attraction of the city is Torre de Hercules, the oldest lighthouse of the world built by the Ancient Romans.

The beach of the city, Orzán has waves constantly during winter and sometimes during summer, however, as many city surf spots it usually gets crowded, so we recommend you to get started with the road trip to discover the nature of Galicia.

Coruña spain beach - surf van trip

2. Playa Razo

Only 40 minutes from Coruña, you will find Razo Beach, a long and wild stretch of beach that will make you want to stay. The sunsets here are amazing, and the waves work in many conditions, so it’s a good place for all levels of surfers. There are a few surf schools by the beach in case you want to take surf lessons or rent a surfboard.

3. Playa de Soesto

If you keep driving through Costa da Morte (Coast of Death) you will find hidden, quiet beaches surrounded by forests and nature. Soesto is one of our favorites, also offering waves all year round, making it the perfect place to park the van and disconnect for a few days and have fun riding the waves and even watching the dolphins if you are lucky.

Playa de Soesto beach - surf van trip

4. Nemiña

This beautiful beach is basically in the middle of nowhere, and that makes it very special. It’s surrounded by green hills, farms, and the most rural Spanish scenery. It offers a long mellow wave, fun for longboarders, and it even barrels during big swells. It’s a great spot to park the van, get some rest, and enjoy the waves and the quietness.

5. Finisterre

It’s called “the end of the world”, as its location is the westernmost point of Europe. At the cape of Finisterre, you can find a lighthouse where you will see nothing but the ocean in front – that’s why it once was believed to be the end of the earth.

It’s also the end of Camino de Santiago and Caminho dos Faros, two ancient pilgrimage trails through Spain, that’s why it’s normal to see people burning their shoes, drinking some wine, or resting at sunset time to celebrate that they made it all the way to the end of their hike.

Around Finisterre, there are several surf spots where you will rarely meet anyone as it is a quite isolated place, and the drives around this area are just breathtaking.

Now that we have passed on our itineraries for Spain, you have to decide whether you explore the South or the North. Then pack your quiver of surfboards, get a van, and start your van adventure in search of Spain’s best waves!

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