The 12 best surfing youtube channels to watch

Last updated on: April 13, 2022
The best surfing youtube channels

Surfers on Youtube

These days, it has become quite popular among surfers to start a Youtube channel. The platform allows surfers to document their life while they are traveling the world and scoring perfect waves.

For those who get success on youtube, it also becomes a way to gain an extra income on top of sponsorships and prize money from events. However, this should not be the motivation behind creating a Youtube channel. It takes a lot of hard work and consistency to become successful on the platform, and it’s clear that those who do well, are driven by passion and the desire to create.

The great thing about Youtube is that the platform is open to everyone. You don’t have to be a professional or elite surfer to tap into this opportunity. All you need is a surfboard, your local beach break, and a creative mind who knows how to tell a visually appealing story.

A good source of education

Youtube has become an excellent source of education, and that also applies to the surfing community. On Youtube, you will find everything from surf training videos to surf-spot guides. You will get a chance to experience “a day in the life” of a professional surfer or follow beginners on their journey to becoming experienced surfers.

The best surfing youtube channels

We have gathered this list of our favorite surfing youtube channels, for you to check out!

Jamie O'Brien - JOBVLOGS

The legend and free surfer, Jamie O’Brien, is one of the pioneers of surf vlogging, where he gives us a unique glimpse into his crazy life.

As Jamie once said: “I have fun filming and traveling and making memories that will last forever. That’s where my head was at.”

Soruce: wikipedia

On his Youtube channel, you will experience him traveling the world and scoring perfect waves, as well as send it at his home surf break, the notorious Banzai Pipeline. All while seeing the famous “PSYCH COUNTER” go up.

No idea is too crazy for Jamie considering his motto is to; Stay PSYCHED. When watching his vlog, you will indeed get PSYCHED, as you see him do huge slip ‘n slides, couch surf at Waimea Bay, or taking on a massive pipeline swell on a soft-top surfboard.

The Smith Brothers

On this epic surfing youtube channel, you will follow The Smith Brothers; Koa, Travis, and Alex. The Smith Brothers from Hawaii have a great sense of humor and a unique approach to storytelling. Koa is a born entertainer, and The Smith Brothers will bring you along for adventures and daily activities to show you everything from travel vlogs to surf tutorials and healthy routines.

Koa Rothman - This Is Livin'

One of the best surfing youtube channels has to be This Is Livin’ – By pro-surfer Koa Rothman. Together with his friend Jack, they document his life as a professional surfer, chasing swells around the world, competing at WLS Big-Wave events, and enjoying home with his friends on Oahu’s North Shore.

Jack ensures some of the best surf edits Youtube has seen, and Koa makes sure to send it on his so-called “breadsticks” (surfboards). It’s hard not to fall in love with the surfing lifestyle after binge-watching This is livin’.

John John Florence

John John Florence is another professional surfer with a Youtube Channel. He doesn’t post that often (with a busy CT Tour schedule, we can’t really blame him) but when he does drop an edit, you are in for a treat!

His Youtube videos often come to life in mini-series, produced so well and of such high quality, that a movie theater would be the only right place to watch them.

Besides surfing, he also has a passion for sailing, and you will be able to follow him on his journey. We highly recommend watching the ‘VELA’ and the ‘TWELVE’ series, as it is some of the best content we have seen on Youtube.

World Surf League

You can’t mention the best surfing youtube channels, without including the World Surf League. The official WSL Youtube channel keeps you updated on The Championship Tour and brings you closer to the athletes.

Get your daily dose of surf content at the World Surf League’s Youtube channel and enjoy everything from mini-series to post-show interviews and event highlights.

We highly recommend the series ‘Billy’, where you follow Billy Kemper’s road to recovery after a scary wipeout on a surf trip to Morocco.

Kai Lenny

Kai Lenny is one of the best big-wave surfers the world has ever seen! A True waterman who tends to set new boundaries for what’s possible. He always stays innovative, whether it comes to gear or the way he surfs. Whether he’s on a tow-board, shortboard, foil-board, or out with the kite, Kai Lenny will make sure to push the limits.

On his Youtube channel, we get a chance to follow Kai on his adventures and get a feeling for the constant adrenaline rush he persues.

Tia Blanco

Tia Blanco represents a smaller crowd of female Youtubers creating surf content, and hopefully, there will be many more following her path in the future.

As a professional surfer, Tia Blanco knows how to rip! On her channel, you will be able to follow her life as a pro surfer. You will also get inspired to live a healthier life as she promotes her vegan lifestyle.

Tia Blanco is a true inspiration to many, and her Youtube channel allows you to follow her amazing journey.

How To Rip

One of a few channels completely dedicated to helping you improve your surfing skills. How To Rip produce high-quality surfing tutorials designed to carry surfers from beginners through to advanced.

Every beginner to intermediate surfer should do themself a favor and subscribe to this surfing youtube channel!

Surfers Of Bali

A Youtube channel dedicated to showcasing the surfing lifestyle of Bali.

They put together surf edits that give you a feeling of being at the beach, watching it with your own eyes, with just the natural sounds in the background.

This channel is not about professional surfers, either is it about high-intensity surf edit. The channel is about making simple surf session videos that will give you a feel of being there at the lineup, and we love this unique format!

Red Bull Surfing

If there is one thing that Redbull does well, it is to guarantee adrenaline! Therefore we are always stoked when they drop a new surf edit on their Youtube channel.

Follow the world’s best surfers competing at events as the Red Bull Surfing channel brings you along behind the scenes.

Ezekiel Lau

With the Youtube channel UNLEASHED, Ezekiel Lau brings you along on his journey as a professional surfer with an ambition to requalify for The Championship Tour.

Ezekiel Lau is a powerhouse of an athlete, and his high-quality surf videos take us through everything from the best surf spots on Oahu, to training videos and beautiful surf edits.


SURFER Magazine has its own youtube channel where they create surf content for us to enjoy. Their content is wide-ranging and promotes the surf culture and lifestyle around surfing.

Any new surfing youtube channels to follow?

After making this list, we realized how strong a dominance the Hawaiian surfers have on Youtube, which is awesome! (I mean it’s hard to compete with those surroundings;)

However, as Europeans, we would love to watch some good content creators from our continent, or even other parts of the world such as Australia, Africa, or Latin American.

So if you know any good youtubers that we absolutely need to check out, then we would be stoked if you dropped us a message on the contact page. Cheers!

…And if you enjoy surf content in general you may also wanna check out the best surf blogs online, where you will find Surfers Hype included, among other epic brands. 

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