Surfboard Volume Calculator

We’ve made a surfboard volumen calculator based on guidelines from some of the top brands. This will hopefully make the process of choosing your first more transperant and straight forward.  Give it a try!  Surfboard volume calculator – By Surfers Hype Surfboard Volume Calculator Weight (lbs) 80 lbs85 lbs90 lbs95 lbs100 lbs105 lbs110 lbs115 lbs120 […]

Snowboarding vs. Surfing: How is the learning curve?

Snowboarding vs surfing: How is the learning curve?

It’s winter and it’s currently snowboarding season! But have you ever tried the sport? If you’ve ever wondered if snowboarding is like surfing and if it’s easy to learn, you’re not alone. Snowboarding has become an increasingly popular winter sport, and many surfers have taken up the challenge of learning how to ride the slopes. […]

8 fun high-performance softboards for surfers

8 fun Soft-Top Surfboards for all skill levels & wave conditions

JJF by Pyzel – funformance surfboards JJF by Pyzel Surfboards have a couple of great beginner ‘Funformance’ surfboards, all with soft EVA top layers. Constructed with an eco-fibreglass/epoxy construction, they have enough drive and performance to get you up and riding as well as having fun during the learning process. Designed by John Pyzel and John […]

2022: The Year Of Filipe Toledo

2022: The Year Of Filipe Toledo

Photo by: Thiago Diz/World Surf League In July 2017, the surfing world witnessed some of the most outrageous surfing that had yet to be seen in professional surfing. In the early morning ‘devil-wind; land breeze Toledo performed two of the most outrageous alley-oops yet seen on a solid six-foot set wave at Supertubes. The Best […]

Our Top Picks: The Industry’s Best Surfing Brands

THE best surf brands - Top surfing brands in the industry

Top surf brands in the industry As with many industries worldwide, the surf industry works in cycles. What governs these phases is never apparent, but the underlying element is the whims of fashion. Even the biggest surf brands in the world, like Gotcha, go out of style and become uncool. They are sometimes the victim […]

SURFATOM Product review by Surfes Hype

SURFATOM product review by Surfers Hype

Image from In my research of a better surf training routine, I recently came across a product called; SURFATOM. Little did I know about the company and its one-product lineup, so I decided to reach out to them to form a better understanding of their product and its approach to surf training. Disclaimer: The […]

Daniela Boldini reflects on her Surf Trip to the Mentawais

Daniela Boldini's surf trip to Mentawai islands

Blue Banana’s Adrenaline Crew surfer Daniela Boldini presents the video of her first surf trip to the Mentawai Islands, a true paradise of dreamy waves. Barcelona, November 15th, 2022. The Mentawai Islands are at the top of the must-go surf destinations for passionate surfers. Some of the best waves the Indian Ocean has to be […]

How to stay fit for surfing (when there are no waves)

How to stay fit for surfing (when there are no waves)

While you don’t need to be crossfit buff or gymnast flexible in order to surf, it definitely becomes easier when you’re fit. But this begs the question: how exactly do you stay fit for surfing if there are no waves or you don’t live near an ocean? The answer is surf training. Professional surfers know […]

Everything you need to know about eco-friendly wetsuits

eco-friendly wetsuits: Everything you need to know about them

Gone are the days when eco-friendly wetsuits needed to compromise on features just to be labelled “green”. Now, surfers around the world can feel confident when plucking an environmentally friendly wetsuit off the rack knowing that it’s going to hold up, stay warm and look good too. In saying that, there’s still a little way […]

How to plan a surf trip: A step-by-step guide

How to plan a surf trip - Step by step guide

There comes a time in every surfer’s life when they say “Bugger it!” and book a trip to a dreamy surf destination somewhere far away. But unless you know how to plan a surf trip properly, you might not be taking full advantage of your time off. To ensure you don’t get skunked (surf slang […]