Surfing Gifts For Him: 9 Epic Gift Idea For Surfers In 2024

Last updated on: January 14, 2024
surfing gifts for him - epic gift idea for surfers

Surfing gifts for him

If you need help finding the perfect gifts for surfers, then you’ve landed in the right place. You might have a brother, husband, or friend that you want to surprise with an epic present on the occasion of Christmas, his birthday, or simply because you’re an awesome person.

You are probably checking out our blog post because you have no idea what to get him – all you know is that he loves surfing. Well, let’s help you out by showcasing some of the best gifts for surfers.

On this list, we will highlight our favorite gift ideas for surfers. It will include a variety of product categories and price ranges to make sure that there is something for any occasion – from surfboards and board shorts to books and surf gadgets. We got you covered!

How to find the right presents for surfers?

Before you’re ready to find the perfect surf gift, you must know a bit about the person you intend to surprise. You need to know things like clothing sizes, the conditions he is surfing, and his level as a surfer.

Knowing a person’s clothing size is quite normal when buying a present. In this instance, you will need it when looking at clothing, board shorts, and wetsuits.

A more unusual thing that you need to know is the surf conditions. It will be necessary to determine things like wetsuit thickness, surf wax hardness, or surfboard type. For example, a cold water surf wax will be too soft for tropical destinations, which will make it dissolve after a short time in the ocean.

Knowing his overall surfing level is critical when purchasing surf gear. Is he a beginner, intermediate, or advanced surfer? Does he surf mellow waves on a longboard, or is he charging heavy sets at a big-wave spot?

Talk to your friend about his passion, show interest, and ask in-depth questions. Try to get this information without revealing your intentions. We want to surprise him with the best surf gift!

9 Epic gift ideas for surfers

Enough talk. Let’s take a look at the nine epic gift ideas that we believe are the perfect choice for any surfer.

The first spot on the list over the best gifts for surfers has to be a pair of stretchy and comfy board shorts. Any surfer can always need some new board shorts, as we use them for surfing in tropical destinations, indoor workouts, and when relaxing at home.

Our favorite pair of board shorts at the moment has to be the new ‘stoke’ model from the brand VISSLA. At 17.5″, they are a little shorter than many other board shorts. It makes them versatile and a good option for multiple sports and activities. They come in two different colorways, with an epic textured design.

Use our code: SURFERSHYPE - To get 10% off.

Awesome-maps is a company that creates posters for globetrotters, and they have a product line specifically for surfers. It is the perfect gift for any surfer!

Their beautiful surf maps come in different designs, all of which highlight surf spots around the world. The maps include over 1.000 specific surf spots worldwide, and it even provides information about peak season, wave quality, water temperature, and more.

Besides being decorative, the surf map makes it easy to plan your travels and find new surf spots for your bucket list!

Their product line includes other epic products such as beach towels and a card game called ‘Clash of the Waves’.

3. Surf poncho ($44)

surf poncho is essential for any surfer. It’s basically a loose-fitting robe that makes it easy to get changed in public. It also works as a towel, and the product is popular among surfers and ocean enthusiasts in general.

This specific surf poncho from Surf Gear Lab provides good value for money. It’s made in a super soft premium microfiber material and has the perfect oversized fit that surf ponchos are known for. 

It has a sleek design, and you can choose between eight different colors. 

INDO BOARD has become extremely popular among surfers. It’s a product made for training, and it has a lot of benefits for surfers as it improves balance and stability and boosts core strength. Both of which are crucial aspects of your surf performance.

The INDO BOARD are both fun and beneficial for your surf training. It’s a surf gadget that really lives up to its hype and helps you take your surfing to the next level.

The INDO BOARD are made in high-quality materials and are available in different designs and package deals. The design is based on more than twenty years of research and development.

The next item only works if he has an Apple Watch. Nowadays, it’s possible to turn the Apple Watch into a full-blown surf watch.

To get the most out of your Apple Watch as a surfer, you need the Dawn Patrol App and a sporty Watchband. Nomad Goods makes some of the best Apple Watch bands for surfers.

We would recommend the rugged band as it is very durable, has a great fit, and has been tested by professional surfers. It is the best gift idea for surfers who loves to track their performance.

A wetsuit can start to smell bad after a few sessions, and the saltwater can cause damage to the neoprene material. Therefore we always recommend rinsing your wetsuit after every session and occasionally washing it with a wetsuit soap.

We can’t use regular soap for our wetsuits as it will damage the neoprenes qualities. That’s why a specific wetsuit soap is a good gift idea for surfers.

Our favorite choice is the Jaws Slosh wetsuit cleaner. Slosh’s natural “2 in 1 formula” is a cleaner and conditioner for your wetsuit. It’s a naturally green formula that is free of harmful chemicals. The soap removes salt, chlorine, odors, while it preserves and extends your equipment’s life.

Surf wax is essential for everyone surfing a hard-top. As surfers, we go through a ton of surf wax bars during a season, and to stay prepared it’s always good to be stacked up on wax.

Surf wax is cheap, but it’s something every surfer would need. That’s why it’s the perfect present for surfers. You can buy surf wax as a calender gift during Christmas or include it as an extra item for a birthday gift.

Remember to pick up the right surf wax type according to the surf conditions.

It is always good to have something to do when the ocean is not providing any waves. On off-days, we enjoy chilling at home with a book or a good board game.

What book is more suited for surfers than Lonely Planet’s: ‘Epic Surf Breaks Of The World’. Lonely Planet is known for its exceptional travel guides, and this book covering the World’s most thrilling waves is no exception.

This is a huge recommendation and a great gift idea for surfers!

We can’t stress enough how important sunscreen is for surfers. We spend a lot of time in direct sunlight, exposed to the dangerous UV rays from the sun, so we need to be extra cautious and protect our skin with high-quality waterproof sunscreen.

One of our favorite options is this ‘Mineral Face Stick’ from Sun Bum. It’s an SPF 50 sunscreen for your face, made for ocean sports. The sunscreen is lightweight and non-greasy, making it very comfortable to apply.

Final thoughts

We hope this list of ‘the best gift idea for surfers’ was helpful to your research process, so you by now have found the perfect surfing gift for him.

We can guarantee that anyone who loves surfing will get stoked about any of these items. So go ahead and order that present!

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