The 9 Best Apple Watch Bands For Surfing

Last updated on: January 30, 2023
Best Apple Watch Bands For Surfing

Photo by Nomad Goods / Sean Raymond Collier

Use your apple watch for surfing

The surf watch industry used to be dominated by a few surf-specific brands, but during the last decade, we have seen a new opportunity arise after the launch of the Apple Watch. Many companies with a passion for surfing have tried to take advantage of the Apple Watch by building a useful App for surfers. Some with greater success than others.

One of our favorites is The Dawn Patrol App, which turns your Apple Watch into a full-blown surf watch packed with data and epic features.

Furthermore, the technology from the latest Apple Watch 7 allows you to evaluate your health and fitness by measuring blood oxygen, heart rate, and much more. You can even take an ECG at any time, which is quite revolutionary.

Besides the technological advantages over its competitors, the Apple Watch is versatile and very customizable. The versatility makes it much more than just a surf watch. So more often than not, it will stay on your wrist all day.

Apple Watch Straps For Surfing

The interchangeable watch bands make the Apple Watch customizable for any occasion. When using your Apple Watch for surfing, you need a watch strap in materials that tolerate the ocean’s salt water. It also needs to be durable and have a good locking system to prevent it from sliding off your wrist during a heavy wipeout.

There are many different watch straps for surfing, and you can choose between different styles, brands, and colors. We have curated a list with some of the best Apple Watch bands for surfing, to help you find the most suitable model for your needs and budget.

Best Apple Watch Bands for surfing & extreme sport

Below, you will find our favorite Apple Watch bands for surfing:

The new Sport Slim Band from Nomads Goods has become a favorite of ours. The Sport Slim Band got introduced in 2022 as a new edition to their popular Sport Band, which has been very popular among surfers.

The Sport Slim Band is more lightweight on your wrist while maintaining the durability needed for sports activities. The new Apple Watch band is a great fit for both men and women and comes in a variety of colorways.

With the updated and sleek design of the Nomad Goods Sport Slim Band, you get a modern and durable Apple watch band that easily transitions from workout to workday. This makes it the best Apple Watch band for surfers  in our opinion. 

  • Price: $60
  • Brand: Nomad Goods
  • Size: 40mm / 41mm & 44mm / 45mm
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Sand, Grey.
  • MaterialsFKM fluoroelastomer rubber strap with a custom aluminum closure pin.

The Original Sport Band from Nomad Goods is still an amazing choice when customizing the Apple Watch for surfing. Nomad Goods are known for their sleek design and high quality.

The product design of their sports band is very minimalistic with clean aesthetics, yet it is very durable and suitable for surfers.

It comes in five unique colorways. 

  • Price: $60
  • Brand: Nomad Goods
  • Size: 40mm / 41mm & 44mm / 45mm
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Sand, Grey.
  • MaterialsFKM fluoroelastomer rubber strap with a custom aluminum closure pin.

As the name applies – The Rugged Band is made as a more durable design suitable for surfing and extreme sport. It’s the perfect choice for the pro surfer or anyone who charges at heavy big wave spots.

Pro-surfer Ridge Lenny took the product to the test when he clocked a top speed of 40.6 MPH at Nasaré, Portugal. A huge quality stamp for the Nomad Goods Bands that convinced us on their spot as; the best surf accessories on the market for your Apple Watch.

  • Price: $60
  • Brand: Nomad Goods
  • Size: 40mm / 41mm & 44mm / 45mm
  • Colors: Black/Black & Black/Silver.
  • Materials: FKM fluoroelastomer rubber strap with custom stainless steel lugs and buckle. 

The Active Leather Apple Watch band is for the person who wants a hybrid construction that features a modern design suitable for the office while still providing a high level of comfort and durability for surfing and other sports.

The Active Leather band features the same FKM rubber as the two models above. However, it has a top layer of waterproof Heinen leather from Germany, which makes it a more stylish choice.

  • Price: $80
  • Brand: Nomad Goods
  • Size: 40mm / 41mm & 44mm / 45mm
  • Colors: Black, Brown. 
  • Materials: FKM fluoroelastomer rubber lining with a top layer finish in waterproof Heinen leather from Germany.

Urban Armor Gear is another brand that makes high-quality straps for your Apple Watch. The combination of materials gives you the strength, durability, and comfort needed when surfing.

The Nato Watch strap features stainless steel custom hardware that secures a tight and secure fit for those surfing in heavy conditions. The nylon material is water-resistant, light, and super comfortable.

  • Price: $50
  • Brand: Urban Armor Gear
  • Size: 45/44/42 & 41/40/38
  • Colors: Olive green, Grey. 
  • Materials: High-strength nylon weave and stainless steel custom hardware.

The rugged Apple Watch band from Spigen gives you good value for money. We love the sleek design. Matte finish with carbon fiber accents. The Rugged band has a very modern and sporty look. It is durable, lightweight, and provides a comfortable and secure fit.

  • Price: $25
  • Brand: Spigen
  • Size: 45mm/44mm/42mm & 41mm/40mm/38mm
  • Colors: Black
  • Materials: Thermoplastic Polyurethane and carbon fiber accents. 

The Active Strap from Urban Armor Gear is another simple yet highly functional design. It utilizes the same high-strength nylon as the Nato strap, but it stands out by having a different hook & loop fastener system – similar to the one you know from your surf leash.

  • Price: $60
  • Brand: Urban Armor Gear
  • Size: 45/44/42
  • Colors: Grey
  • Materials: High-strength nylon weave, velcro, and stainless steel custom hardware.

The Liquid Crystal Pro from Spigen is another Apple Watch Band that offers incredible value for money. It’s made in a soft silicone material and offers a timeless design.

  • Price: $25
  • Brand: Spigen
  • Size: 45mm/44mm
  • Colors: Transparent grey
  • Materials: Thermoplastic polyurethane.

The Active Defense from Catalyst Lifestyle is a breathable and sporty Apple Watch band with a protective bezel. It has a streamlined design and the aqua drainage system makes it a popular option for surfers.

  • Price: $50
  • Brand: Catalyst Lifestyle
  • Size: 41mm & 45mm
  • Colors: Black
  • Materials: Hypoallergenic, breathable silicone.

What to look for in an Apple Watch band for surfing?

These are the things you need to consider when searching for the best Apple Watch band for surfing.

Material & Durability

The performance in water is obviously the most important factor to consider. You need one that comes in a solid and water-resistant material. Durable enough for surfing as you will be paddling a lot and getting tossed around during wipeouts. The Apple Watch band should have a secure lock system to avoid the watch from slipping off your wrist.

Sizing & Comfort

Choosing the right size provides you with the best comfort and prevents you from losing your Apple Watch during a surf session. Most Apple Watch bands come in at least two different sizes, and all the models listed in this article are adjustable.

Strap or Case

Last but not least, your preferences will decide which style or design you end up buying. Most Apple Watch straps come in different colors, and each brand has its own sense of details and ways to make its products unique.

Often the biggest difference is whether it’s a strap or case design. The strap design gives you a sleek format and tight fit, while the case design provides more protection for your Apple Watch and prevents scratches, etc.

Our favorite brands

When it comes to Apple Watch straps, there are a lot of brands to choose from. You can find Apple Watch straps for surfing in many price ranges and styles, which sometimes makes the purchasing process overwhelming and confusing.

We tend to stick with well-known brands that we have been using and therefore know will hold up during a surf session. We have always preferred brands that focus specifically on surfing, and we look for Apple Watch straps that guarantee comfort and durability.

Buying cheap straps is not worth the risk of losing your expensive Apple Watch. So find a well-known brand and pick a premium model made specifically with surfers in mind. 

Our favorite brands making Apple Watch straps are Nomad Goods, Spigen, Catalyst Lifestyle, and Urban Armor Gear (UAG).

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