Surfboard Volume Calculator

We’ve made a surfboard volumen calculator based on guidelines from some of the top brands. This will hopefully make the process of choosing your first more transperant and straight forward.  Give it a try!  Surfboard volume calculator – By Surfers Hype Surfboard Volume Calculator Weight (lbs) 80 lbs85 lbs90 lbs95 lbs100 lbs105 lbs110 lbs115 lbs120 […]

8 fun high-performance softboards for surfers

8 fun Soft-Top Surfboards for all skill levels & wave conditions

JJF by Pyzel – funformance surfboards JJF by Pyzel Surfboards have a couple of great beginner ‘Funformance’ surfboards, all with soft EVA top layers. Constructed with an eco-fibreglass/epoxy construction, they have enough drive and performance to get you up and riding as well as having fun during the learning process. Designed by John Pyzel and John […]

The 11 Best Surf Watches in 2024

best surf watches

What to look for in a good surf watch? If you have read our surf watch buyer’s guide, you would know that the best surf watches have various functions, apart from telling the time. Most of them have preloaded locations and surf spots from all over the world. Some of these watches have over five […]

Why The Apple Watch Is Perfect for Surfing

Nomad Goods - Apple Watch For Surfing

Photo by Nomad Goods / Sean Raymond Collier For years the surf watch industry has been dominated by a few big brands such as; Rip Curl, Garmin, and Nixon. They haven’t had too much competition, which has allowed them to control the market and be top-of-mind when it comes to surf watches that can track […]

This Is How You Should Clean Your Wetsuit

How to clean and wash a wetsuit - complete guide

After a fun surf session, it’s important to clean and dry your wetsuit to help maintain its quality and functionality. In this guide, we will teach you everything you need to know about wetsuit care. Your wetsuit is an essential part of your surf equipment when you’re surfing in cold water conditions. Besides your surfboard, […]

Best Surfboard Wax: A simple buyer’s guide

Buyer's Guide To The Best Surf Wax For Your Board

Surfboard Wax explained Back in the early days of surfing, new surfboards were shiny, gleaming works of art, and they were sanded and polished to a fine finish. Unfortunately, this left these works of art incredibly slippery, and surfers discovered that melting a candle and letting the wax drip off helped prevent slipping. Over the […]

The Best Surfboard Traction Pads in 2024

Best Surfboard Traction Pads

The Benefits Of Surfboard Traction Pads In the beginning, surfers used candle wax to prevent them from slipping on their smooth longboards. This evolved to improved wax formulations. Some even smelled like coconut. Over time, surf wax evolved into traction, a once-off method of making your board non-slippery. These days most people use traction pads. […]

The 11 Best Surf Hats Under The Sun In 2024

The best surf hats

What Is A Surf Hat? These days with the inexorable burning of the sun on any surf trip, the surf hat has become as essential as a rash vest or sunblock. A surf hat is simply designed according to standard hat requirements – to keep the sun off your face. The best surf hats are […]

The Best Surfboard Leashes On The Market In 2024

best surfboard leashes on the market

There are many types of surfboard leashes globally, but some are incredibly better and superior to others. Some have extra safety features, while others are super light and strong and designed for minimal drag for the competitive surfer. However, you are looking for a durable and robust leash with minimal drag but plenty of strength […]

Every Surfboard Fin Set-Ups explained

surfboard fin set-ups explained

Surfboard Fin Set-Ups When many of us grew up, fins were glassed onto the surfboards, and when they were damaged, they had to be replaced and glassed back on. Unfortunately, this often led to fins being out of alignment and making strange whistling sounds. Then people started discovering the joys of different fin set-ups. This […]